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4 precautions for using PVC Steel Wire Hose
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4 precautions for using PVC Steel Wire Hose

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1. When using PVC steel wire hose with small diameter pipe, stick it with a professional solvent to increase the stability and hardness of the interface. Otherwise, it will be prone to water leaks during use, affecting normal functioning and reducing work efficiency.

2. Before installing large diameter PVC steel wire hose (pipe diameter ≥100mm), it must be treated with apron. At the same time, personnel should be arranged to disconnect the pipe socket. At this time, be careful to keep the disconnection if it is not tidy, it will cause unnecessary problems with the constructor during installation.

3.When installing PVC steel wire hose, if there are no special requirements, you can put the pipe directly into the pre-dug groove and seal it. Of course, many people add another treatment of compression and cushioning to extend the service life of the pipeline.

4. PVC steel wire hose is not suitable for use in high temperature environment. Hazardous gases and substances are easily released to the human body, which may cause environmental pollution and cause variations in the carrier liquid. Therefore, when using PVC steel wire hoses, you must be careful about the installation environment.

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