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High Quality PVC Garden Hose for sale
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High Quality PVC Garden Hose for sale

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The garden hose is ultra-lightweight and compact, making it ideal for small spaces like patios and decks and easy to store in the garage during the cooler months. This hose is made with a patented new material that is not only incredibly durable, but fights kinking to help you maintain a lush flowerbed, lawn and garden without constantly backtracking to straighten it.

PVC Garden Hose Application

It's the ideal auxiliary product for Garden irrigation, Agricultural water supply and irrigation, Industrial water supply and discharge, Car washing, Daily House cleaning and Other cleaning equipments.  

 PVC Garden Hose Packing

The products are wrapped by plastic woven cloth and be fixed with ropes or packing straps. Detailed packing can be according to customer requirement. 

PVC Garden Hose Length

The typical length ranged from 15 to 50m. You need to purchase the PVC garden hose with a length  that's just right for your requirements. A shorter hose may not be used at all, and much longer hose are  quite heavy and difficult to move around the garden. The weight of very long hose could also cause damage to structure when stored on a reel.

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