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Method for distinguishing PVC plastic pipe and PE plastic pipe
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Method for distinguishing PVC plastic pipe and PE plastic pipe

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Pvc plastic pipe has good compressive strength and corrosion resistance is trustworthy. In terms of price, comparison and other pipes are also the cheapest, but the fly in the ointment is that pvc plastic pipe is not as soft as other pipes! Therefore, pvc plastic pipes are mainly used for water supply and drainage, wire ducts, and residential areas. In contrast, PE plastic pipes, which are light weight and good toughness, are accepted by many customers. However, due to insufficient compression resistance, it can only be used in rainwater pipes, corrosion-resistant pipes and other fields. How to distinguish pvc plastic pipe and pe plastic pipe?

1. PVC plastic pipe: The most widely used plastic pipe, PVC itself is also a colorless and transparent hard material, but more brittle than Pe, the transparency is not as good as pe, other mechanical properties are also far from pe. However, PVC can be added with a lot of plasticizers. After it is added, it can be made into soft PVC. Common construction pipes, down pipes, plastic steel windows, credit cards and the like are all hard PVC. Hard PVC is more common in ordinary wire sheaths, disposable infusion tubes, and transparent plastic table mats called soft glass sold in supermarkets.

2. PE plastic pipe: The mechanical strength is very high, the polycarbonate is colorless and transparent, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-retardant, and has flame retardant properties without additives. Due to its colorless transparency and excellent impact resistance, it is commonly used in optical discs, resin glasses, water cups, kitchen supplies (juice extracters, etc.), bulletproof glass, goggles, headlights, etc., and pe is not soft.

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