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PU Ventilation Hose manufacturers
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PU Ventilation Hose manufacturers

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PU Ventilation Hose is made of abrasion resistant Polyurethane with copper plated spring steel spiral embedded into wall. Very light and extremely flexible hose with good tensile and abrasion strengths and  ultimate elongation. Free of softeners,  halogen free, physiological safe, cadmium free and excellent elasticity. Hose will also remain flexible below 0ºC

PU Ventilation Hose  Applications 

    Aspiration of dust, wood flour, shavings, granulate, powder, gases and fumes, Textiles, Plastic, Printing, Ceramic, Furniture and wood industry, shavings exhaust, chemical industry, paint industry, oil fog exhaust, machine manufacturing. Universal hose for transportation of light solids and for air and gas transportation. Being Food Grade material Can use in food & Pharmaceuticals industries.

PU Ventilation Hose  As suction and transport hose especially ideal for abrasive solids such as dust, powders, wood chips,granulates and ect.Also are suitable for ventilation and air conditioning system, industrial vacuum cleaner.

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