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PVC Clear Hose manufacturers
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PVC Clear Hose manufacturers

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PVC Clear Hose is also PVC clear hose, PVC water level hose, PVC transparent hose, PVC clear tube, vinyl tubing, PVC single layer hose, clear unreinforced hose, etc. Which is designed for low pressure delivery in multiple applications.


Suitable for low pressure transfer of various Fluids and air, such as fuel, water, light chemicals, oxygen, gas for watering systems, peristaltic pumps, electrical and thermal insulation, analytical systems in plant equipment, laboratories, watering system and many other low pressure industry applications.


non toxic, clear PVC wall allows full visual flow of materials, weathering resistant, smooth tube for resistance to collection or blockage, easily characterized by a round, rectangular or square shape, different colors available, different sizes to fit standard commercial barbed fittings, we can also make the hose with non-phthalate formulations.

Product Description :

1) The PVC hose is flexible, durable for hard weather and temperature,chemical resistance, non-toxic and odourless. 

2) The high grade type can transport food, milk, drink,wine,etc.

3) It's clear and easily to see the goods transported in it..

4) Smooth surface, bright outlook, we can do different colors according to customers' request.

5) Fiber reinforced hose inner diameter size from 4mm--64mm.

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