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PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose manufacturers
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PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose manufacturers

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PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose is also called PVC fiber hose, clear braided hose, PVC braided hose, fiber hose, PVC fiber reinforced hose etc. Made by high toughness PVC material and strengthen polyester thread. light weight, flexible, elastic, portable and excellent adaptability; Acid-proof, alkali-proof, anti-UV, long service time. Which is an ideal hose designed for transfer in any industrial application.PVC fiber reinforced hose with polyvinyl chloride compound as the main raw material, formed by high temperature, divided into inner, middle and outer three layers, the inner and outer layers are made of polyvinyl chloride with various colors, the middle reinforcing layer is formed by strong.

PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose Application:

PVC fibre reinforced hose is used for conveying water,oil,gas under normal working condition in the factory, farm, ship, building and family. The hose used for foodstuffs is made of special food grade material, It can also be used for conveying milk, beverage, distilled liquor, beer, jam and other foods, It can be used as pvc shower hose too.

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