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PVC Garden Hose manufacturers
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PVC Garden Hose manufacturers

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The garden hose is light, flexible and has good resistance to cold and hot weather. It could be made transparent or coloured as customer requirements.The hose is adaptable to high tensile strength , good resistance to high pressure, hardening and erosion. The colorful hose has beautiful looks, and no poison with it.

PVC Garden Hose Feature 

1. Widely used for parks, family yard, car washing, communist irrigation and washing.

2. Inlay crocheting fiber net as reinforcement, non-torsion fiber reinforced PVC garden hose has better torsion resistance than common PVC hose and also have longer service time.

3. Color can be customized; flexible, elastic, durable, non-toxic; can resist high pressure and suitable for diffident weather. Can decorated with colorful strip on hose as per customers’ requests.

4.We can provide different kinds of spray-heads, connections, reel.

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