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PVC Garden Water Hose supplier
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PVC Garden Water Hose supplier

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Our company is a professional manufacturer and exportor of various kinds of PVC hose,we have been supplying high quality hose and service in domestic and international market.Our factory can supply high quality PVC hose and we can guarantee the delivery time.

PVC Garden Water Hose Products Features:  

1.Made with high-qualtiy PVC and strong reinforced yarn

2. Strong peeling adhesion between yarn and inner-outer tube 

3. Stable against kinking and twisting under work pressure 

4. High resistance to corrosion,aging 

5. Bright color,light,flexible and climate resistance,portable

6.Ideal accessory for garden watering

PVC Garden Water Hose Features:

This Garden Irrigation Hose is easy to use, lightweight and flexible, thick wall design to prevent kinking, different colors, UV and crush resistant for long service life, various lengths available, all-weather use, this garden hose can be supplied with various types of nozzles, fittings and hose reels.

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