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Pvc plastic hose introduction
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Pvc plastic hose introduction

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PVC plastic hose is a PVC transparent non-toxic hose with spiral steel wire frame embedded in the temperature range of 0-+65 °C. The product is highly elastic, wear-resistant and has excellent solvent resistance (most chemical PVC plastic hoses are inside). PVC transparent non-toxic hose with spiral steel wire frame, temperature 0-+65°C, high elasticity, wear resistance and excellent solvent resistance (most chemical additives), can be used in vacuum pump agricultural machinery, irrigation and drainage equipment , petrochemical equipment, plastic processing machinery and food hygiene machinery and other industries. PVC fiber reinforced hose is a transparent, non-toxic hose with soft PVC inside and outside, polyester reinforcing fiber in the middle, it has medium pressure resistance and tensile resistance. It is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, beautiful appearance, soft and light, durable. It is a good pipeline of air, water, gas, oil and other liquids and gases in the range of 0-65 ° C. PVC transparent single tube light It is soft, transparent and inexpensive. It is used in the supporting products of machinery, civil engineering and aquarium equipment with low working pressure.

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