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Steel wire reinforced hose anti-corrosion coup
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Steel wire reinforced hose anti-corrosion coup

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As a new type of PVC Steel Wire Hose, the steel wire reinforced hose has made great progress in hardness and pressure resistance. It has the following applications: 1. High-elasticity, high-strength galvanized wire, excellent PVC material; High negative pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic materials, long service life; 3. Clear and transparent pipe wire, steel wire reinforced hoses use to explain the small bending radius and good flexibility; 4. Application of agricultural pump machinery, oil depot, industry, Gas, liquid, and dust absorption and drainage in petrochemical equipment and other fields. In general, the rubber tube can be replaced in most working environments. Excellent flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and water resistance. And supply a certain shielding effect.

What are the characteristics of steel wire reinforced hoses? Steel wire reinforced hoses should be protected against corrosion, and should be started from the following aspects.

The wire is present inside the wire reinforced hose, and if the wire is exposed, it can easily lead to oxidation in the air. At this time, if it is not treated in time, it will easily lead to the continual expansion of rust and the formation of holes. We can reasonably plate the steel tube, apply paint or oxidation-resistant metal for electroplating, but enhance the anti-corrosion effect of this steel-reinforced hose is only a protective film. Once the protective layer is damaged, the corrosion of the steel wire is not Far. However, as is known, this protection is only a film. If the protective layer is destroyed, the underlying steel begins to rust. The reason why it is corroded is inseparable from the chromium content in the steel wire. If the surface layer is damaged, the exposed steel surface will react with the atmosphere to repair itself, and the "passivation film" is re-formed to continue the protection.

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