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What are the applications of PVC Steel Wire Hose?
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What are the applications of PVC Steel Wire Hose?

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PVC Steel Wire Hose Characteristics:

1. In addition to practical uses, pvc steel wire reinforced hose has a good decorative performance, it has not only yellow, blue and green these three basic tones, but also customize a variety of color according to the different aesthetic needs of its users and buyers.

2. It has strong corrosion resistance and deformation resistance, so it is difficult to produce aging, deformation or cracking so on. Compared with other plastic pipes, it has a longer service life and better practical performance.         

3. This pipe can be widely used to transfer fluid, powder and particle in large-scale buildings, agricultural and forestry pastures, natural grasslands and other places.

4. The inner wall of the pipeline is very glossy, and the resistance to the fluid is very small, which can increase the velocity of the liquid flow, thus enhancing the liquid transport capacity.

PVC Steel Wire Hose Advantages:           

1. Low temperature resistance, the pvc steel wire reinforced hose is a superior transportation pipeline, can work normally in the low temperature condition. Its weatherability is not affected by any time of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

2. Quality test, after the production is completed, we will inspect each product and do a sample inspection before shipment to ensure that there is no quality problems, such as suction, breaking or delamination etc.

3. It can be fitted with connectors and clamps, whose length can be arbitrarily intercepted and spliced. It can be coiled round when stored and occupied a little space.

4. anti-aging, the anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet irradiation materials are added to the raw materials, so it is more resistant to aging than other tubes and its service life is several times longer than that of the spiral tube.

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