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What are the applications of PVC garden hose?
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What are the applications of PVC garden hose?

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pvc garden hose Features:

1. pvc garden hose is made by high strength fiber woven layer, internal and external high quality PVC materials, a penetrating extrusion coating from outside to inside, coating smooth,glue without delamination and degumming,

2. Soft texture, color soft and not easy to fade

3. Eco-friendly pvc garden hose , non-toxic, no odor,resistant to anti-UV, do not harm the plant when used for agriculture irrigation

4. 4-6 years service life,long aging time

5. No short of length, in strict accordance with the standard of customer production

6. Cold resistance, do not harden and working normally in the four seasons

7. Convenient for storage and use, folding, installation, flexible operation, high efficiency


8. Clear logo packaging printing , perfect visual experience

pvc garden hose  Applications:

PVC garden hose is used for irrigation and conveying water and oil under normal working condition in the factory,garden,farm,ship,building and family.

pvc garden hose  Characteristics:

PVC garden hose is light weight,corrosion resistance,anti-UV,anti-flaming,transparent,durable,smooth.non-toxic and adaptable to high pressyre condition.It's available with customized color and labels.

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