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What are the characteristics of pvc lay flat hose?
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What are the characteristics of pvc lay flat hose?

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pvc lay flat hose Features:
(1)Flexible PVC with high grade strength polyester yarn reinforcement, lightweight, aging resistant, abrasion resistant and compact for economical storage.
(2)EASTOP supplies a range of high pressure, high performance agiculture irrigation pipe manufactured to meet many national and international standards.We also offer a range of water pipe accessories including couplings,  branch pipes,  jet spray nozzles and standpipes.
(3)Light weight, good flexibility, bright color, smooth
(4)Capable for keeping the flexibility and elasticity under the low-temperature water
(5)Resistant to abrasion, corrosion, high pressure and terrible weather.
(6)Ideal durable hose for irrigation and drainage in the farmland and garden. cement filing, river-way sand extraction, water discharge in the construction site, road building and so on
Product Advantage:
1. uniformly coated inner and outer layer, no leaking.
2. high tensile polyester yarn reinforced, high working pressure, low expansion.
3. inner and outer layers extruded at same time, excellent bonding, no delaminating.
4. maximum size is 16'', length is customizable.
5. We can supply the layflat hose assembled with different couplings.
6. Anti-UV, No color changed, 3 years service life.
7.Anti-twist, twist factor<30°, suitable for drip irrigation.
8. Big wall thickness, striped surface, abrasion resistant, suitable for poor working condition.
9. Acid-base resistant, suitable for delivery of light chemicals in mining industry.
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