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What are the functions of Sprinkler hoses?
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What are the functions of Sprinkler hoses?

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Sprinkler hoses spray a fine mist of water into the air. They look like flat hoses with perforations all along their length. For a drip-irrigation effect, simply turn sprinkler hoses over, so the mist is directed straight into the ground. Sprinkler hoses have fittings and end caps for simple attachment to any hose or bib.
Sprinkler hoses are easy to install: just lay the hose on the ground and screw to the hose line. However, because they are flat it’s more difficult to weave around tight curves. The spray can also cause erosion if the water pressure is too great.
You can also make your own sprinkler hose from old garden hose by piercing holes in a pattern to direct the flow where you want it. Use a hot needle to pierce the hose, and be sure to crimp the end of the hose line.
Features of drip irrigation pipe :
1. The round dripper is produced first by high-precision mould,then stuck to PE hose.
2. The dripper which is directly welded inside the pipe has slight pressure loss and
    accurate distribution.
3. Good anti-block property, smooth flow channel and even water distribution.
4. There are two kind of drippers: pressure-compensation and nonpressure-
    compensation, suitable for different terrain.    
5. Different diameter, wall thickness and dripper spacing can be produced.
6. The most significate feature is that it can be used over 5-8 years.
     It’s durable and widely used in open field irrigation.

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