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  • Features: Roll packing design, easy installation and removal Wide range of spray patterns can be applied to wide range of vegetables and crops Low maintenance cost Water saving MOQ : 100 meters
  • Product Features: The labyrinth channel and drip-hole are once shaped by vacuum hot pressing. The water flows steadily,and it has strong anti-clogging avility. Produced by high quality material,convenient for lay. It is convenient and cheap fpr widely popularization. Drip holes spacing can be customized according to customer' demand. ​Adapted to warm room,greenhouse,field,nursery. MOQ : 100 meters
  • Dripline tape is the one of the most effective equipment for the irrigation in the drout area,the utilization of the water could be as high as 95%.Dripline irrigation could save more water than spray irrigation,and when combined with fertilization,it could also enhance the efficiency of fertilizer by 50%. MOQ : 100 meters
  • Drip pipe is an important method in irrigation.According to the requirement of the crops,the water and nutrition are gently and slowly dripped into the soil from the low pressure micro dripline.Dripline will not damage the soil srtuture. MOQ : 100 meters
  • Discharge sludge in agriculture,construction,industry,mining and marine service etc. Reinforced with specialized industrial polyester yarn,High pressure resistance. Suitable for drip irrgation system. Anti-uv. MOQ : 100 meters
  • Use for irrigation in agriculture and transfer liquid in industry. Higher pressure resistance. Good abrasion resistance. Suitable for drip irrgation system. MOQ : 100 meters
  • Irrigation in agriculture and transfer liquid in industry. Once-molded by extruber plastic .Small thickness,light weight,high pressure resistance. Anti-chemical,anti-aging. Suitable for drip irrgation system. MOQ : 100 meters
  • High voltage, low pressure hose is mainly used in machine tool, automobile, engineering machinery, motorcycles on the highpressure hose, brake oil pipe and the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industrial automatic control in the pneumatic instrument line and so on. MOQ : 100 meters
  • Being widely used in welding machine,architecture and lacquer factory. Used for all kinds of metal-welding and cutting machines to transport Oxygen and Acetylene. Special formula compunding with special pvc resin. MOQ : 100 meters
  • Supplying low pressure water,oil,gas&etc in agriculture and industry. Especially for supplying LPG in household. MOQ : 100 meters
  • Good flexibility,durabilty against climate,high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Easy to handle, high pressure resistance. Anti-uv. MOQ:100 meters
  • Being made of tough PVC materials and high-strength polyester filament This hose can work under very high working pressure Light,flexible,durable,anti-erosion,and explosion resistant. MOQ : 100 meters
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