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What are the applications of PVC garden hose?
pvc garden hose Features:1. pvc garden hose is made by high strength fiber woven layer, internal and external high quality PVC materials, a penetrating extrusion coating from outside to inside, coating smooth,glue without delamination and degumming,2. Soft texture, color soft and not easy to fade3.
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PVC garden hose wholesale
PVC garden hose is sure to become an essential staple during your lawn care, yard work, landscaping, cleaning and gardening chores.The hose is constructed from flexible PVC and is light weight enough for easy handling.APPLICATIONS: 1) The hose is widely used for irrigation and washing in the parks,
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PVC Steel Wire Hose for sale
Non-Toxic PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose is also called PVC Suction Hose, PVC Wire Hose, PVC Spiral Hose, Wire Spiral Hose, Wire Reinforced Hose, PVC Delivery Hose, Vacuum Hose and so on, which is ideal hose to draw and convey water, oil, power, granules in applications where require good kinking re
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Food Grade Fiber Hose for sale
Food Grade Fiber Hose Characteristic:This product uses food grade PVC material and plasticizer which doesn't contain benzene, embedded reinforced polyester fiber thread. It is non-toxic and non-smell, transparent and pressure resistance, anti-stretching, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, b
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PVC steel wire hose manufacturers
CHARACTERISTICS(1) PVC steel wire reinforced hose, with steel wire screwing inlaid in the hose, is light, transparent, with small bending radius.(2) It has good adaptability to hard weather conditions and minus pressure.(3) With colorful symbo lines on the surface of the hose. it can be more beau
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Pvc steel wire hose for sale
Pvc steel wire hose,with steel wire screwing inlaid in the hose,is light,transparent,with small bending radius.this pvc pipe has good adaptability to hard weather conditions and vacuum pressure.With colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose,it can be beautiful.The hose is widely used for draw
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PVC Steel Wire Hose manufacturers In China
Our Wire Reinforced Hose is an excellent quality, PVC suction & delivery hose, featuring a strong steel spiral reinforcement to prevent collapse on vacuum lines. Most popular for use with Foodstuffs, Dairy and Water. This hose has the added advantage of being transparent so that the user can see what is going on inside it. This hose has good resistance to vacuum, abrasion, weathering & and impacts.
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pvc clear hose for sale
PVC tube (Food Grade) is widely used for conveying fluids like water, milk, bear, oil, weak chemicals under low pressure condition in foodstuff, sanitary, industry, agriculture and aquatic animals equipment etc.Clear PVC piping provides a versatile, cost-effective alternative for many piping applica
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High quality PVC Garden Hose for sale
FeaturesThe pvc hose choosing high strength polyester filament and high quality PVC raw materials. It is successively winded, parted the threads regularly and molded by plastic coated once. With an attractive appearance, soft surface and light weight, high burst pressure and long service life, the p
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