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vinyl examination gloves for sale
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vinyl examination gloves for sale

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vinyl examination gloves with the effect of oil resistance it is mainly used  in medical treatment, medicine, health, beauty salon and food processing industry.  vinyl examination gloves do not contain latex protein, so it will not cause allergic reaction,at the same time it has the properties of anti-static, ageing resistance and oil resistance. The modelling of glove is designed according to the human hand shape, with great alertness, excellent tensile properties and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance.


1.Protection from unwanted and dangerous substances.

2.Beaded cuff ensures easy donning and prevent roll down.

3.Superior strength with better puncture resistance.

4.Full textured enhances wet and dry grip.

5.Thinner gauge improves tactile sensitivity.

6.Custom design enhances comfort and fit.

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