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what is Lay Flat Hose ?
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what is Lay Flat Hose ?

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Lay Flat Hoseeatures:

The pvc layflat water discharge hose is made of high strength polyester and high quality polyvinyl chloride synthetic material.           

Light weight, good flexibility, bright color, smooth coating, good adhesion and no leakage.         

Easy to collect and storage, easy to move and unlimited in length, which you can decide according to your request.           

It can keep soft and flexible to transfer water in a low temperature.

High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance.

Large production, energy saving, cost saving and convenient use.

Lay Flat Hose Advantages:

1.PVC layflat water discharge hose, with advanced technology, are formed by double-sided directional cross-winding of fiber reinforced layers and then by one-step coating molding.

2.It has increased radial fiber, which can improve tensile strength.          

3.It is resistant to tensile, fracture resistance, high pressure and low expansion rate. 

4.When the liquid is transported at low temperature, it can remain soft and elastic.  

5.No smell, environmental protection products.

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